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  About ICALM Group

ICALM GROUP is organized to prepare for and respond to the immediate needs of clients (individual and corporate) when dealing with catastrophic claims. ICALM GROUP also maximizes the effectiveness of insurance and litigation budgets by helping companies achieve material savings in time and money, regardless of the size or volume of claims, through enhanced and innovative procedures. ICALM's founders are attorneys and former senior executives of an underwriting and claims management subsidiary of General Re Corporation, the nation's largest reinsurer. They have a total of more than sixty years of litigation experience, fifty years of which have involved responses to multiple death and serious injury lawsuits arising from crisis situations caused by major catastrophes. ICALM Group was retained by American Airlines, and its insurance underwriters, to manage claims, respond to incidents and accidents and supervise litigation arising therefrom throughout the world. While representing these entities, ICALM Group managed damage claims arising out of three major aircraft accidents exceeding $450,000,000.

If your concerns include an isolated accident, product liability, environmental or toxic tort claims, subrogation recoveries, claims system reviews, due diligence requirements, or total quality management of your claims, outside counsel or third-party administrators, ICALM can help. ICALM's expertise includes extensive experience in crisis preparedness and communication plans, governmental hearings, in-house accident investigations, efficient nationwide claims resolution and lawsuit/law firm administration procedures, expert witness and technical consultant services and complex case negotiations.

The goals of our clients are reached at reasonable costs through carefully developed programs that include:

  • Aggressive and thorough factual investigations
  • Expeditious and comprehensive evidence preservation
  • Experienced and task oriented law firm selection
  • Active and productive local counsel management
  • Discerning and prioritized issue coordination
  • An early, comprehensive damage assessment
  • Continuous liability analysis
  • Financial exposure containment through practical management of liability problems and transactional costs


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Telephone: 919-419-7370 Facsimile: 919-933-4047

Bob Alpert has dedicated his forty year professional career to the (1) efficient and expeditious resolution of claims and litigation arising from aviation accidents, both domestic and international, and (2) the cost-effective management of transportation, environmental and products liability litigation. A graduate of Holy Cross College and Fordham University School of Law, he became associated in 1968 with the New York law firm of Haight, Gardner, Poor & Havens where he represented parties in several of the largest air disasters occurring during that period of time.

In 1973, Bob joined an aviation underwriting and claims management insurance pool formed by several of the largest casualty companies in the United States to create a professional and innovative claims department to enhance the response capability of a major writer of aviation insurance. By the late 1970's his efforts had proven successful. The claims department, with his leadership, grew from twenty-five to over one hundred people and became recognized worldwide as the premier aviation and mass disaster claims facility. In 1979, Frank J. Lynch, Chairman of the Board of USAU, Inc. said:

"It gives us great pleasure to recognize Bob's tremendous contribution to the success of our organization. His performance has been outstanding and he is recognized throughout the world as the leading expert in aviation disaster litigation."

Since 1969, Bob Alpert has actively participated in the defense, prosecution and administration of claims arising out of forty-three major aviation accidents including those which have involved commercial air carriers, transport category aircraft manufacturers, corporate owners of general aviation aircraft, airports, aircraft maintenance and service companies, liability insurance carriers, workers' compensation insurers, local governments and the United States of America. While managing annual legal expenditures in excess of $40,000,000, he advanced the effective administration of litigation arising from these accidents, dramatically improved claims resolution techniques and actively managed trial attorneys throughout the United States to promote the fair, efficient and prompt conclusion of legitimate claims.

In 1977, after the world's largest air disaster between a Pan American 747 and a KLM 747 at Tenerife, Canary Islands, Bob initiated the "Tenerife Letter" which involved immediate, direct contact with injured passengers and heirs of deceased passengers in an attempt to accomplish fair and reasonable settlements, or prompt jury trials, while eliminating unnecessary costs and expenses associated with protracted litigation. Within two years all six hundred and forty-four passenger and crew claims were concluded. For the first time in the history of aviation accident litigation the costs and expenses of all of the defendants involved in a complex case were reduced to less than 4% of the cost of the accident and the victims of the tragedy received almost 75% of the claims dollars paid. Neither Pan American nor KLM ever experienced the inconvenience or costs associated with liability discovery and extended litigation.

In a March 1989 National Law Journal article entitled "Who's Who in Aviation Law" a prominent plaintiffs' aviation trial attorney described Bob Alpert:

". . .as the most effective aviation defense attorney." National Law Journal, Vol. II, No. 28, March 30, 1989.

Since 1990, Bob has been retained to assist corporations and insurers in the (1) management of aviation, railroad, supermarket and hotel catastrophes, (2) the practical administration of multi-party environmental and products liability cases, (3) the prosecution for families of serious personal injury and wrongful death cases arising out of aircraft, trucking, boating and automobile accidents, and (4) special projects involving the review of legal bills and court testimony relating to coverage for defense costs.

He is a member of the American Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsel, International Association of Defense Counsel and the Defense Research Institute. He has been a frequent guest lecturer and author on the subjects of litigation management, federal court discovery, punitive damages, ethics in litigation, the early evaluation and settlement of complex claims, effective corporate responses to catastrophes and fair and expeditious compensation to innocent victims.

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