Robert L. Alpert

  Comprehensive Litigation Methodology Program

Why would a corporation, municipality or insurer want to implement a professionally developed law firm selection, supervision and cost control program? Those who have CLM programs are able to:
  • retain those law firms and lawyers in a given geographic area best suited to prosecute or defend specific legal claims for reasonable fees and expenses with the maximum probability of success and efficiency;
  • communicate a viable and dynamic litigation management policy to law firms and lawyers who provide the requisite professional representation in response to criteria pre-determined by the client;
  • outline specific litigation activity reporting procedures which allow corporate management to acquire essential information on a timely basis and to assist with corporate resources where appropriate;
  • coordinate effectively with law firms and lawyers the purchase of those services and products necessary to strengthen the litigation process;
  • assimilate the corporate objectives from a business standpoint with the corporate requirements from a legal perspective;
  • assemble, for retrieval and re-use, research and writing efforts undertaken by law firms and lawyers on prior projects in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the cost of redundant research;
  • initiate and maintain regular meetings between in-house and outside counsel to establish and review litigation requirements, efforts and strategies;
  • formulate innovative procedures for resolving a greater number of legal issues without resorting to depositions, motions, trials and appeals;
  • evaluate more frequently and efficiently statements for legal services;
  • contain financial exposure by assuming greater control over the litigation process, exercising practical management of liability issues and limiting transactional expenditures; and
  • utilize past litigation experience to form the basis for improved, more successful and less expensive future litigation.

For a copy of the Comprehensive Litigation Methodology (CLM) Program Outline contact the Office Administrator at ICALM Group.

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