Robert L. Alpert

  Claims Operations Reviews

Due Diligence and Periodic Reviews of Claims Operations

ICALM Group can help companies evaluate claims operations in connection with a variety of business requirements, including -

  • Sampling claim files for practical adequacy of reserves, procedures, etc. for merger and acquisition candidates.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of the corporate claims function for companies with self-insured or self-managed liability insurance programs
  • Assessment of the qualifications, capabilities and practices of third-party administrators
  • Assisting primary insurers who seek an independent measure of their own capabilities and the means to improve them.
  • Conducting claim audits for reinsurers as part of initial underwriting and the on-going need to maintain confidence in the claims process.

Claim and Suit Monitoring

Whether your concerns include claims and suits with high exposures, multiple parties, complex issues, or multi-district litigation, with ICALM Group you can assure that each matter receives the careful attention and oversight you require. In addition to evaluating claims operations, ICALM Group can monitor claims on your behalf wherein the exposure may approach or exceed one million dollars or such other limit as you may determine. That effort includes advice on effective methods and strategies to -

  • Lower the expense of litigation
  • Contain financial exposure
  • Preserve and advance subrogation potential
  • Assure more successful outcomes

Claim and Litigation Management

When your needs include hands-on management of serious claims or litigation, ICALM Group can provide you with the expertise you require. Our services include the design and implementation of cost-effective claims investigation and resolution strategies, evaluation of liability and damages issues, selection and supervision of outside counsel, expert witness and technical consultant services and testimony, and litigation coordination and management.

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