Robert L. Alpert

  Significant Achievements

Some of the positive results ICALM principals have achieved for clients in the areas of catastrophic response programs, litigation management and the pursuit of significant claims for corporations, insurers and individuals during the last four decades:
  • prepared and managed the implementation of major changes to the catastrophe response programs of several major airlines, a hotel company and a railroad;

  • the management of two major aircraft accident multi-district proceedings wherein (1) no liability discovery was conducted and no associated costs were incurred, and (2) the average per passenger cost to resolution was 50% less than other current, similar events;

  • planning the strategy to defend six corporations successfully through separate trials from punitive damage allegations arising out of six different catastrophic accidents;

  • the largest product liability verdict ever awarded and recovered by an airline against an aircraft manufacturer;

  • the successful defense of another aircraft manufacturer in the trial of a forty million dollar product liability claim brought by a foreign airline;

  • the early negotiation of the largest percentage contribution without litigation by the United States government as a result of a domestic aviation accident;

  • a litigation analysis project involving a major New York law firm that concluded with a $3,500,000 reduction in legal costs;

  • the selection, preparation and supervision of over two hundred and twenty serious injury and wrongful death claims wherein the verdicts were within 10% of the projected results;

  • the successful prosecution of more significant appeals in the field of aviation and damages law than any other single entity or law firm;

  • the revision of an insurerís defense strategy in a multi-party environmental case to reduce monthly litigation costs by $500,000;

  • the successful negotiation of a wrongful death claim arising out of an aviation accident for a family where the concluded settlement was ten times the original offer;

  • the planning, jurisdiction selection and implementation of the prosecution of three wrongful death claims arising out of a trucking accident resolved within two years for an amount nine times the original offer; and

  • the representation and resolution of several wrongful death claims for families of victims of the World Trade Center tragedy of 9/11/01.
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