Robert L. Alpert

  Professional Training Program

Why should a corporation have a carefully prepared catastrophe response program?

Those who have such programs are able to:

  • deal efficiently, promptly and reasonably in providing care and assistance to the injured, their families and the immediate relatives of any deceased;
  • coordinate the rescue effort with police, fire, emergency medical services and other city, state and federal agencies;
  • provide accurate and timely information to those with a need to know about the facts of the accident, the deceased, the injured, the investigation and what role the corporation will assume in each of these areas;
  • assist the appropriate investigating agencies gather all of the pertinent facts and analyze the circumstances surrounding the accident accurately and completely without impairing the legal position of the corporation;
  • respond promptly and effectively to the inquiries of the media and the concerns of the public;
  • prepare for the claims resolution and litigation process;
  • resolve greater numbers of claims in less time and at lower cost without litigation;
  • create an environment where corporate executives, key personnel and employees' diversion from regular corporate duties will be minimal;
  • contain financial exposure by assuming greater control over the litigation, exercising practical management of liability issues and limiting transactional costs; and
  • protect the integrity of the corporation and enhance the public's impression of the quality of its product or service

For a copy of the program outline, contact the Office Administrator at ICALM Group.

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